Tally ERP Prime with GST

Tally ERP Prime with GST

Creating a Tally ERP Prime with GST course involves providing participants with comprehensive training on using Tally ERP Prime for accounting and GST compliance. Here’s an outline for such a course:

Course Overview:

The Tally ERP Prime with GST course offers participants a practical understanding of Tally ERP Prime software and how to use it for accounting, financial management, and Goods and Services Tax (GST) compliance. Participants will learn how to set up, configure, and use Tally ERP Prime effectively to manage business operations and comply with GST regulations.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the features and functionalities of Tally ERP Prime
  • Gain proficiency in accounting and financial management tasks using Tally ERP Prime
  • Learn how to configure and use Tally ERP Prime for GST compliance
  • Develop practical skills for using Tally ERP Prime in real-world business scenarios

Course Outline:

Introduction to Tally ERP Prime

  • Overview of Tally ERP Prime features and capabilities
  • Understanding the Tally ERP Prime user interface
  • Installing and configuring Tally ERP Prime software

Company Creation and Configuration

  • Creating a new company in Tally ERP Prime
  • Configuring company settings and preferences
  • Setting up financial year, currency, and taxation details

Master Creation and Management

  • Creating and managing ledgers, groups, and subgroups
  • Defining stock items, units of measure, and stock groups
  • Managing party accounts and other master data

Accounting Transactions

  • Recording different types of accounting transactions: sales, purchases, payments, receipts, etc.
  • Understanding voucher entry in Tally ERP Prime
  • Generating accounting reports: trial balance, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, etc.

Inventory Management

  • Managing stock items and inventory levels in Tally ERP Prime
  • Recording stock transactions: stock transfers, stock journals, physical stock adjustments, etc.
  • Generating inventory reports: stock summary, stock aging analysis, etc.

GST Setup and Configuration

  • Understanding Goods and Services Tax (GST) concepts and regulations
  • Configuring GST settings in Tally ERP Prime: GSTIN, tax rates, tax ledgers, etc.
  • Enabling GST features and functionalities in Tally ERP Prime

GST Compliant Transactions

  • Recording GST-compliant sales and purchases transactions in Tally ERP Prime
  • Generating GST invoices, tax invoices, and other GST-related documents
  • Filing GST returns and compliance reports from Tally ERP Prime

GST Reconciliation and Compliance

  • Reconciling GST data with GST portal data in Tally ERP Prime
  • Resolving mismatches and discrepancies in GST data
  • Ensuring GST compliance and adherence to regulatory requirements

Banking and Financial Management

  • Managing bank accounts and bank transactions in Tally ERP Prime
  • Reconciling bank statements with Tally ERP Prime data
  • Generating bank reconciliation statements and financial reports

Payroll Processing (Optional)

  • Configuring payroll settings and employee details in Tally ERP Prime
  • Processing payroll transactions: salary payments, deductions, reimbursements, etc.
  • Generating payroll reports: payslips, attendance reports, PF/ESI reports, etc.

Tally ERP Prime Shortcuts and Tips

  • Learning useful shortcuts and tips for efficient usage of Tally ERP Prime
  • Improving productivity and accuracy in Tally ERP Prime operations
  • Exploring advanced features and functionalities of Tally ERP Prime

Case Studies and Practical Exercises

  • Hands-on exercises and case studies based on real-world business scenarios
  • Applying Tally ERP Prime skills to solve practical accounting and GST-related challenges
  • Peer collaboration and feedback on practical exercises


  • Basic understanding of accounting principles and concepts
  • Familiarity with computer usage and basic software applications
  • No prior experience with Tally ERP Prime is necessary

Target Audience:

  • Accounting professionals, finance managers, and business owners who want to learn Tally ERP Prime for accounting and GST compliance
  • Students and fresh graduates looking to enhance their accounting skills and improve employability
  • Anyone interested in learning how to use Tally ERP Prime for managing business operations and complying with GST regulations


The course can be conducted over a period of 4-6 weeks, with classes scheduled for a few hours each week.


The Tally ERP Prime with GST course provides participants with practical knowledge and skills for using Tally ERP Prime software for accounting and GST compliance. By covering fundamental and advanced topics, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, participants will be well-prepared to leverage Tally ERP Prime effectively in various business scenarios.

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